Highlights from the Reflect Festival 2022

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What an amazing Reflect Festival this year! Overwhelmed with stages and input by awesome speakers, and at the same time allowed me to connect with old and new friends! In this article, I’m posting some of the highlights from the speeches and the panel discussions of the 2-day festival.

1) Niklas Jansen sharing his experiences at his speech “My Journey Of Reinventing Myself And Starting New Things”

“Learn to quit”: What is the purpose of doing things that you don’t enjoy? Be honest with yourself! This is the only way long term to do things that you are passionate about!

“For many people, 20 years of experience is really 1 year’s experience repeated 20 times.”

“Be obsessed with learning!” Learn as much as you can! Treat yourself as a startup! Try new things!

“Having a team is really important!”

Niklas JansenNiklas JansenNiklas JansenNiklas Jansen

2) What an inspirational speech from Tal Catran “Dreamers to Doers: Turning a great idea into a Kickass Startup”

Run as fast as you can to the market!

Make sure there is an end customer from the beginning-not your friends, not your family.

More investors ask ‘Did you ever fail?’ If you return with a smile and say ‘No’, They will say ‘Go fail somewhere else and come back!’

You need to have a clear target, a plan for how to achieve it, and KPIs.

Investors invest in your dream, not in your technology, Say “I’m the best”!!

3) Key takeaways from Mohamed Aboulnaga from zero to Unicorn :

  1. The strongest startups are designed to maximize growth not profit
  2. You might not be the first in the market but you have a distinct positioning
  3. Your timeline is less crucial than your capacity to iterate quickly
  4. Investors fund promising products and teams they don’t fund ideas
Mohamed AboulnagaMohamed Aboulnaga

4) Great speech from Martin Zarian 🕊 about “How your brand can be your business superpower”

“You have the responsibility and the power to change the world!”

Martin ZarianMartin ZarianMartin Zarian

5) Disconnected in a connected world: Technology is reshaping socializing, so what’s the future of networking?" from Yiannis Gavrielides

In the workspace, companies have embraced remote working, meetings have moved to Zoom, and technology companies are promising we will soon be holding them in the metaverse So how can we be so disconnected? The world is experiencing a loneliness epidemic that is affecting our careers and our physical and mental health.

PS: 85% of employees would be motivated to go to the office to bond with their team


6) Panel discussion: Women in tech & entrepreneurship

Small part of the panel discussion, Linda Boyd is rocking the Reflect Festival stage! 👏

7) Advice from the successful young Cypriot founders Alex Loizou and Maria Terzi

8) My favorite professor Vasos Vassiliou from University of Cyprus explaining the term “digital twin” in his speech about metaverse and smart cities

9) Hologram of the Reflect Festival co-founder, Stylianos Lambrou, welcomes you to the venue!

9) Networking

I’m so excited to be a part of such an exclusive event, filled with powerful networking opportunities and engaging conference themes with great keynote speakers.


Parimatch Tech had the coolest exhibition booth ever!


I hope you enjoyed reading this article and could take away something with you. I would really love to hear your opinion on 5 Lessons I’ve learned as a Beginner Developer.

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